Redemption & Switch fees

Redemption charges.

Most front-end load funds do not carry a redemption charge. However some funds like Capital Guaranteed funds do impose redemption charges of 1%-2% if the redemptions are done before the maturity date in order to discourage premature redemptions.
Other funds that do not have a front-end load may have redemption charges that works on a reducing basis. Example, if redemption is done during the 1st year, you pay 3% of the NAV. If redemption is done during the second year, you pay 2%, if done on the 3rd year, you pay 1%, if done after 3 years, you do not pay any fees.

Switching fees.

In addition to the above fees, there are also secondary fees like fund switching fee, transfer fees etc. Fund switching is a term used to describe an investor who redeems or sells-off a fund and using the proceeds to invest in another fund which is managed by the same Fund Manager.
Some funds do not impose any fees for the first 2 switches in a calendar year, whilst other allow only 1 free switch. Yet there are also funds that do not allow free switching and there is a charge on every time a switch is made. Such fees are usually mentioned in the fund's prospectus.

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