Equity / Growth funds

For the more aggressive investor.

The objective of equity funds, also called growth funds is to provide capital appreciation over the medium to long term. In our local (Malaysian) context, funds of this category generally invest up to 90% - 95% of its Net Asset Value into stocks and shares of companies listed or unlisted in the KL Stock Exchange or otherwise known as Bursa Malaysia. There are currently more than 900 stocks listed in Bursa Malaysia.

This category of funds will usually have at least 5% in cash or cash-related assets to meet redemption requirements. (Redemption means cashing-out by an investor). Growth schemes are ideal for investors who have a long term outlook of the market and am seeking growth over a period of time.

In Malaysia, Growth Funds has further developed into:
i. Blue-Chip Growth Funds,
ii. Small-Cap Growth Funds,
iii. Sector Growth Funds,
iv. Index-linked Growth Funds.
v. Global Growth Funds.

Growth Funds are suitable for the Aggressive Risk Investor who is willing to take extra risk in order to have a potentially higher capital gains reward. This type of fund can be very volatile due to the high exposure of its' assets in stocks and shares trading.

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